Aug 14

Easy Maintenance

 And who doesn’t want easy maintenance? No squeegeeing this shower door! Consider a tile block shower (or part of)- they are beautiful and unique. And there are so many cool things you can do with a glass block shower.Glass Block Shower

Aug 12


The new Oreck Magnesium RS. Weighing in at less than 8 pounds (7.7 to be exact), this is your ticket for a vacuum….2 speeds and large high performance wheels to move smoothly across all types of floors. Next time you have to lug your vacuum up and down those stairs, remember this! You wont be disappointed in its performance!

Aug 07

Years of Dedication

Cullen’s Home Center would like to take this time to spotlight a few employees who are celebrating years of service with us:

     Today, August 7th marks 14 years that Lee Olmschenk has been with us. Lee is a part of the builders division at Cullen’s and does a tremendous job. A hard worker with loyalty and passion- that’s Lee. We appreciate everything you have done at Cullen’s and we are SO happy you are a part of our team!

Tomorrow, August 8th will date 2 years of service for Jason Hoffart at Cullen’s. He is a part of our warehouse and delivery staff. Jason is an extremely hard worker and always has a positive attitude. He’s worked through the extreme cold and the sweating hot- delivering and installing product or taking care of things in the warehouse. Thanks for your hard work Jason! We are glad you are here!

Aug 06

Log Furniture


Take a look at this beautiful log bed! Made locally, in St Joseph, MN. We have had great success with our log furniture. Awesome prices and unbelievable quality! Dressers and nightstands to match. Not interested in bedding? No worries- they make it all!

Log Bed

Aug 05

Half Way There! (Almost!)

Check out our progress! Construction has started on the other side of the building and should move quickly! Please access the store via the flooring side, as we have closed off the appliance side access. We are looking forward to the end result! Stay tuned!

Remodel Front 8-5

Aug 04

We’re Remodeling!

Jul 30

Worlds Safest Trampoline

Sure, all companys say they make the best, the safest, etc…..But this in fact is the safest trampoline on the market. Their patented design eliminates the impact areas that cause 90% of all trampoline related injuries. No other company out there can beat that!Springfree Tramp

Jul 28


Change is happening! Construction begins on the other side tomorrow- Stay tuned for further progress! Front 7-28

Jul 23

Blinds: Key Things to Consider

Are you ready to replace blinds? Need new for a remodel project or new home? Here are some important tips to consider before you shop:

Light and Privacy: Take some time to think about each window and the amout of light you want to come in as well as how much you want to be able to see out. Think also about how much you may or may not need: ie: bedroom vs a den- you may prefer privacy in both, but usually the bedroom “needs” less light.  Which way does your window face and will you get morning or evening sun? This will tell you most about when your blinds will be closed or open.

Cleaning: Most blind manufacturers make blind cleaning fairly easy now days. However, there are some styles that indeed are easier than others. Blinds have always been magnets for dust- there is no such thing as a “dustless” blind. Usually a rag and light water is what is preferred. Be sure to ask a sales professional about what syles collect dust more than others.

Style of Home/Room:  Is your room/home casual? Formal? Color and pattern is a definate trend today…. does your room or home allow for either of these?

Budget: Are you looking for one room? One window? Whole house? If doing more than one room, which room will you spend the most time in or entertain in? Most manufacturers have a good, better, best story. Remember, not all blinds have to be the same. Switch them up- this will allow you to save some money in areas and splurge in others if desired.

Jul 09

Protect Your Bed

   Its not too late to protect your mattress! We suggest that every bed in your home has a mattress protector, especially when buying new. Mattress protectors free your bed from spills, stains, soils, dust mites, bacteria and so on. They are not noisy or made of rubber. They are to replace your standard cotton mattress pad (cotton is breathable but doesnt free you from anything else!). Over the lifetime of a mattress, it is said that without a protector, it WILL gain weight. Our bodies naturally shed moisture and without a protector on your mattress, your mattress will be that heavy one!

  Again, its not too late to protect your mattress…. as always, better late than never~!

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