Apr 02

Things to consider when buying a ceiling fan

1.  SIZE:  The first thing you should consider when selecting the right ceiling fan is the size of your room.  The most common ceiling fans come with blade sizes of 42″, 52″ 60″ and 72″.  An average size bedroom or living would require a 52″ fan.  If you have a smaller sunroom or bedroom you may want to consider a 42″.  Large living rooms with a higher ceiling might want to consider going to a 60″.  The 72″ would be utilized best in a very large vaulted ceiling.

2.  EFFICIENCY OF THE MOTOR:  There is a range of motor sizes within the industry.  The larger the motor size the quieter and more efficient your fan will be.

3.  STYLE:  As with any light fixture, you will find a large variety of styles and finishes.  One of the hottest looks today is an oil rubbed bronze motor with dark blades.  With any fan, you have the option to add a light.

4.  GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FAN….  Watch the video to learn more…