Sep 15

Well Worth the Wait!

Although these pendants were backordered for months, it was so worth the wait! These are Murray Feiss pendants that are so new and so cool! This kitchen was complete with these gorgeous fixtures. We had such a great time choosing the lighting for this new home.Christas Pendants

Sep 09


** Cullen’s Home Center Mission Statement **

Our customers will find copies of this throughout our store. We are a family run business who take pride in our community and those who support us. We are here to serve you. MissionStatement

Sep 04


Center this fabulous vase on your mantle or table!

Let our expert staff customize a centerpiece for you!Vase

Sep 02

First Day of School!

Wishing all you kids out there a happy first day of school! Make someone smile today!
*Let this serve as a reminder to all adults to be mindful of all the kids waiting near the roads for the buses! We can never be too careful!*

Aug 27

Interior Construction Has Begun!

Demolition of the interior of Cullen’s has started and is moving right along! What you see below is what used to be the accounting offices. They have new offices in the back of our building. They are enjoying their new space! Follow us on our remodel process! AcctDemo1 AcctDemo2AcctDemo5AcctDemo6

Aug 26

HB 2 U!

Happy Birthday to Kathie Cullen! Even though she celebrated her big day yesterday, we still wanted to send our best. Kathie does so much for everyone, and never expects anything in return! She truly is a selfless person- thank you for all you do for us! We appreciate you!


Aug 19

Who’s Birthday Today??

AmieBirthdayThis is what happens at Cullen’s Home Center when someone celebrates a birthday! Happy Birthday Amie Mackowick! Just imagine your office when you turn 40! We thank you for your hard work and hope you have a great rest of your day! 


Aug 18

Shop Local First


     When you shop with local merchants, more of your money stays closer to home; supporting the local parks, libraries, rec centers, schools and other things that make this community a great place to live. Let’s support each other- shop local first!



Aug 14

Easy Maintenance

 And who doesn’t want easy maintenance? No squeegeeing this shower door! Consider a tile block shower (or part of)- they are beautiful and unique. And there are so many cool things you can do with a glass block shower.Glass Block Shower

Aug 12


The new Oreck Magnesium RS. Weighing in at less than 8 pounds (7.7 to be exact), this is your ticket for a vacuum….2 speeds and large high performance wheels to move smoothly across all types of floors. Next time you have to lug your vacuum up and down those stairs, remember this! You wont be disappointed in its performance!

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