Apr 15

Undercabinet Lighting

If you are thinking about doing a kitchen remodel, or building new, dont forget to include undercabinet lighting! Undercabinet lighthing can be used for so many different purposes such as: prepping your dinner, accenting your countertops, task lighting, or keeping them on at dark for a night light!
Undercabinet lights can be mounted in the front of the cabinet, the back, or the middle. Almost any application can be done! Many people use them above their cabinets too. The most common type of undercabinet lighting is LED or Xenon. They can be direct wired, or run using a module/driver.
Let us help you design the best way to give that added light to your kitchen!

Apr 09

Finding the Right Pillow for YOU!

Shopping for a new pillow can be just as difficult as shopping for a new mattress! To ensure a good nights rest, everyone must have both a mattress and a pillow that fits them right. Often times we wake up with a stiff neck or back and think it is because of our bed. That isnt always the case! Try finding a better pillow that fits you better. Below are a few tips from Serta Mattress Company on how to find the right pillow for you.

How to Shop for a Pillow – Tips from Serta
Choosing the right pillow is just as important to your quality of sleep as choosing the right mattress. Browse our variety of pillows with options for every type of sleeper.
Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate through the many pillow options available today, so that you can select the pillow that’s right for you.

Know Your Sleep Position
Your sleep position is key when selecting a new pillow. While there is no universal solution based on sleep position, many have told us that firmer pillows are good for back sleepers, while softer pillows are preferred for side sleepers. Serta has a variety of pillows to choose from, so you can find the right level of comfort and support no matter how you sleep.

Thickness Matters
While some people love to elevate their head and neck on a thick pillow, or two pillows on top of one another, others prefer a flatter pillow that keeps their head closer to the mattress. The thickness of your pillow impacts your comfort, so think about your preference here and select your new pillow accordingly.

Invest In Your Comfort
Your new pillow will impact your quality of sleep each and every night. So, you should invest in a quality pillow that will provide comfort and support over time. Remember, an uncomfortable pillow can have a negative impact on your sleep quality, while the right pillow can only enhance your comfort and support while you sleep.

We have staff on hand to help you choose the right pillow for you. Feel free to stop in and look at our large selection of pillows. Sleep better beginning tonight!

Apr 04

Cullen’s Customer Appreciation Sale

Spring2014Customer Appreciation (2)-1Spring2014Customer Appreciation (2)-2Its time for our Customer Appreciation Sale! We are grateful for ALL of our customers! We wouldn’t be here without you. Stop in and see our amazing selection in all of our departments. With any purchase over $199, spin the wheel for FREE items! Walk away with items such as laundry soap, home decor, grilling accessories, floor cleaners, appliance cleaners, lotions and more! You may even win one of our LARGE prizes… a TV, a Weber Baby Q Grill, or a Blue Ray player! This sale only happens twice a year… you dont want to miss out! This sale begins at 8am on Saturday! We’ll see you there!

Apr 02

Things to consider when buying a ceiling fan

1.  SIZE:  The first thing you should consider when selecting the right ceiling fan is the size of your room.  The most common ceiling fans come with blade sizes of 42″, 52″ 60″ and 72″.  An average size bedroom or living would require a 52″ fan.  If you have a smaller sunroom or bedroom you may want to consider a 42″.  Large living rooms with a higher ceiling might want to consider going to a 60″.  The 72″ would be utilized best in a very large vaulted ceiling.

2.  EFFICIENCY OF THE MOTOR:  There is a range of motor sizes within the industry.  The larger the motor size the quieter and more efficient your fan will be.

3.  STYLE:  As with any light fixture, you will find a large variety of styles and finishes.  One of the hottest looks today is an oil rubbed bronze motor with dark blades.  With any fan, you have the option to add a light.

4.  GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FAN….  Watch the video to learn more…

Jan 20

Laundry… Front Load vs. Top Load

One of the best benefits of a top load washing machine compared with a front loading washing machine is the low price. So if you are looking for a budget model, you will be pleased with a top load washing machine. Although it doesn’t work as efficient as some high performance models, it does a good job in cleaning your clothes.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a front load washing machine that won’t consume too much resources, then a front load washing machine is worth considering. Compared with a top loader, a front load washing machine only uses about half of the water. One of the greatest features of a good front load washing machine is the number of cycles for cleaning different types of fabrics. Then speed of the wash cycle, drum capacity and the build quickly are also important.

We have a great selection of washers and dryers in our appliance department.  Stop by and one of our sales professionals will be happy to talk about the benefits of each one to guide you thought the buying process.

Jan 14

Come see our new Kitchen Displays

Our showroom has recently been updated with new Kitchen Displays and we invite you to stop by to get some great ideas.  If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, a great first step is to come see one of our designers.  They will gladly meet you at your home if you’d like which really gives them the benefit of seeing your space and understanding your needs.  From there, we can start putting together some design and create a COMPLETE CUSTOM KITCHEN for you.

Stop by and ask for Katie, Kristie or Mike.  They’d love to help you with your next project.

Jan 07

Window Coverings A-Z

When you’re in the market for window coverings, knowing some basic terms will make your shopping process be a whole lot easier.Let’s go through some common terms from A to Z:

Aluminum – The common material used to make mini blinds.

Bamboo Shades – See Woven Woods.

Basswood - A popular type of wood with a smooth finish, used to make wooden blinds.

Blackout Lining – A layer of neutral colored opaque material used to line window coverings such as pleated shadesand woven woods.  It helps block out light and provides a neutral appearance from the outside.

Bottom Rail – The bottom part of a shade or blind.

Brackets – Mounting supports for blinds and shades.


Carriers - The small mechanisms that attach the vanes to the headrail on a vertical blind.

Cord Lock – Mechanism of a shade or blind that allows the product to stop at any given point when it’s lifted or lowered.

Cornice - A decorative structure with a flat surface, mounted above a window that’s used to hide curtain rods or window covering headrails.

Dust Resistant Finish – Available on some aluminum slats; reduces static electricity, actually inhibits dust and air bound pollen from collecting.

Honeycomb Shade – Cellular-style fabric shade available in a variety of colors and styles that provides superior insulation and energy-efficiency.

Ladder – The strings on a blind used to support the slats.

Mini Blind – An aluminum blind with 1” size slats.

Opaque – Term used to describe a product that lets NO light filter through it.

Pleated Shade – A shade that is a single layer fabric, which when lowered folds like an accordion.

Recess - The window niche in which a window is fitted (inside box of a window frame created by the jamb).

Return – The part of a valance that goes from the front of the valance back to the wall.

Roller Shade – A vinyl or fabric shade, operated by a spring mechanism or clutch system, that rolls up onto a tube

above the window.

R-Value – Measures resistance to heat flow. The Higher the $-Value, the more insulation the product provides.

Safety Tassel – A tassel attached to blind cords which will separate under pressure to help protect children and pets from injury and reduce the risk of choking. It easily snaps together again.

Slats – Flat pieces of material in a horizontal blind that tilt open and closed; usually aluminum, wood, or vinyl.

Sound Absorption – Measures the amount of reflected sound absorbed by the window treatment. The higher the number, the more sound is absorbed.

Stack or Stacking Space – The amount of space the window treatment occupies when opened to its full extent.

Summer Shading Coefficient – Measures amount of heat passing through a covered window versus a bare window. The lower the number, the less heat is transferred.

Tapes – Strip of fabric adhered to ladders of horizontal blinds that are used as a decorative element.

Tilter – The mechanism of a horizontal blind, which causes the slats to tilt up and down.

Translucent - Term used to describe any product that lets SOME light filter though.


Traverse – To draw across. A vertical blind that opens across a window by means of the hardware on which it’s hung.

Valance – A horizontal structure that is positioned across the top of window coverings, generally to cover the headrail and operating mechanism.

Vertical Blind - A blind with vanes that hang in a vertical orientation and are made of either vinyl, fabric, or fabric inserted into vinyl.

Wall-to-Wall – A term used for designing the window treatment to hang tightly between to walls.

Warp – The undesirable curvature in blind slat and louver material.

Width – The measurement of a wall, window, or blind that designates the distance from the left side to the right side; width measure always comes before length measure when ordering.

Wood Blinds – Horizontal blinds with slats made of wood.

Woven Wood – Fabric made of narrow slats of natural or panted wood, bamboo, or reeds, woven together

with jute or yarn.

Yardage – Lengths of material that are measured by the yard.

Zigzag – A fabric pattern featuring a back and forth weave– The undesirable curvature in blind slat and louver material.

Dec 31

Kathy Ireland Blinds on Sale!

It’s a great time to consider getting some window treatments taken care of now while they are on sale! Did you know our staff will gladly come to your home for a free consultation? They load up their cars with tons of samples, fabrics, books and colors! Together you can play around with different ideas and they’ll gladly measure up your windows and give you a proposal with some options. We do this at no charge to you! So call us today and ask for Jill, Katie or Kristie! They’re the blind experts at Cullen’s Home Center! We carry Hunter Douglas and Kathy Ireland.


Dec 31

Year End Closeouts

Every retailer has year-end products they need to turn and it can bring significant savings to the consumer. Sometimes they are discontinued models or open box items or product that was ordered in but not needed for a specific job. Whatever the case may be, you can find some real bargains this time of the year!

Dec 26

One Year Financing is available STOREWIDE


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